Made Simple

Great news,

You no longer have to learn new audio skills and set up equipment every time you get the desire to record. We've all heard bad-quality audio such as poor acoustics, distortion, humming electronics and disrupting sounds like those of planes and lawn mowers.

In our sound-proof studio, you don't need to worry about any of that.

We have everything you need to record a high-quality and broadcast-ready podcast. All you need to do is subscribe, schedule your sessions, walk in and record. No setup required!

Each session is scheduled in 90-minute blocks and includes the following:

  • Sound-Proof Isolation Booth

  • Professional 4-Channel Audio Recorder

  • 4 Broadcast Quality Microphones

  • 4 Studio Headphones

  • SD Card Storage Media

  • Audio Engineer Hut package and above*

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

To get started, choose a membership plan and create an account. Your account will be useful to keep track of payments and scheduled sessions. You'll then reserve your dates via our built-in scheduler and begin podcasting. It's that simple.

Note for Parasol Members: Our podcast booth is pre-configured and set up for you and your guests (up to 4 people at a time.) Simply walk in, put your headphones on and press record. Make sure to bring a hard drive or USB thumbstick with you in order to grab your files at the end of your session. A staff member will be available to help transfer your files.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Parasol

    Every month
    Recording Package (No Engineer)
    • (2) 90-Minute Sessions
    • Save $5!
  • Hut

    Every month
    Recording Package
    • (4) 90-Minute Sessions
    • Audio Engineer Included
    • Save $30!
  • Cabana

    Every month
    Recording & Editing Package
    • (4) 90-Minute Sessions
    • Audio Engineer Included
    • Editing for 4 episodes
    • Save $94!
Looking for a custom package?

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