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Production Studio

Our production studio is clean, safe and designed to inspire creativity. Featuring a ventilated, sound proofed isolation booth, perfect for vocal and instrument recording. Our production studio includes the hardware and software tools needed to start and finish your next project:

- Pro Tools, Studio One and Logic DAWs

- Apple Mac Pro Late 2013

- Slate Raven MTi Control Surface

- Yamaha HS80 Monitors

- Universal Audio Apollo X8P Audio Interface 

- (8) Universal Audo Unison-Enabled Preamps

- (2) Vintech Audio X73i Preamps

- (1) Stam Audio SA-2A Optical Tube Compressor

- Virtual Instruments from Native Instruments, EastWest, Synthogy, and Slate Digital

- Roland Juno-D Digital Keyboard

- Microphones: Vintage Neumann U87, AKG C414 XLII, AEA R84, AEA R88, Blue Woodpecker, Blue Baby Bottle, Shure Beta 52, Shure Beta 91, Shure SM57

- Amenities such as complimentary Water, Throat Coat tea, Coffee and snacks

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Mixing Studio

All of our online mixing services are done at a private mixing studio in Oviedo, Florida. Our centerpiece, a Solid State Logic XL-Desk 40-Input analogue console will add natural warmth and depth to any project mixed through it.


- SSL XL-Desk Analogue Console

- Barefoot Monitors Footprint 01

- Dynaudio BM15a Monitors

- 24x24 Apogee Symphony Audio Interface

- (2) DBX 560 Compressors

- (2) SSL 611 EQ

- (8) SSL Alpha VHD 500 Preamps

- SSL Stereo-Bus Compressor

- Tom Dowd's very own Yamaha SPX90 Effects Processor

- Lexicon MX400 Efects Processor

- Plugins by Waves, Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital, Fabfilter, Avid and more